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Winky with SP3

The SP-3® Feature Highlights:

  • Dramatically increased white light output due to advances in LED technology
  • Selectable white or red light output together in the same package
  • 2-button control for immediate access to either white or red light
  • 3 white light brightness levels
  • Waterproof to 16 feet
  • It floats!
  • Water-activated or manually-selectable strobe function
  • 10 minute AUTO RETURN TO STANDBY, easily overridden for long-term light usage
  • Improved lanyard safety release and lanyard removal option
  • Improved lens more effectively uses light output
  • Bright safety orange case makes it easy to find


SP-3® Maintenance:

Maintenance involves only occasionally replacing the batteries. The SP-3 operates on 2 very efficient CR2450 lithium cells. To replace them, remove the blue end plug on the bottom of the light, slide out the flexible orange end plug and tap the open end of the light against your palm so that the batteries fall out.

Then take 2 new cells, hold them together, "+" to "-" and insert them, following the polarity arrows. If the batteries are accidentally inserted backwards, it will not harm the SP-3. Check that the SP-3 is operating correctly, then replace the flexible rubber plug and, last, insert the solid plug firmly into the rubber plug.



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